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Arriving straight from a zone between dream and waking, the fourth album from Spell is right here to weave its potent magick. Established as intrepid pathfinders on the journey of basic Heavy Steel into the mystic, Tragic Magic sees the Vancouver outfit honing their method to seductive impact.

The turbulent two-year interval following their triumphant third album Opulent Decay has steeled the resolve of a band who at all times operated in accordance with their very own co-ordinates: “These unusual instances have inspired us to lookup from the doldrums of our day by day lives and replicate extra critically on what we’re doing and why,” reckons Cam Mesmer. “For us, this concerned stripping away a whole lot of bullshit to succeed in a extra important, distilled and purer model of what Spell is.

This additionally concerned the band changing into a duo for the method. Tragic Magic was written and recorded totally as a collaboration between brothers Cam and Al (Lester). “And we couldn’t be happier in regards to the outcome,” says Cam. “The identification of Spell got here into sharp focus because it was at all times meant to be.

This turns into clear when confronting Tragic Magic; the songcraft right here is steeped within the ambiance of the arcane, but the hooks are extra razor-sharp than ever as ten occult-tinged anthems seamlessly marry majestic bombast and otherworldly attract with gritty resonance.

While influences just like the esoteric cost of Blue Öyster Cult and the fundamental expansions of Camel and King Crimson are wont to float by way of these crepuscular melodies, Spell are as prone to be influenced by the life-affirming power of ’60s Motown because the ethereal dimensions of Cocteau Twins, or the strident woe of Candlemass and basic songwriting chops of Russ Ballard.

Lyrically, the band additionally strikes into totally different dimensions. “The themes on this album are extra concrete, guided by private expertise,” displays Cam. “Tragic Magic has to do with psychological sickness, ageing, the loss of life of a liked one, the decay of time… that is what ‘tragic magic’ means to us – loss and tragedy exterior of our management, which basically alters our perceived actuality.

Certainly, while the method of this band has seemed in direction of the escapist up to now, Tragic Magic sees them doggedly confronting bleaker forces seeking transcendence. “Life has gotten tougher and fewer hospitable for many individuals these days, so it didn’t appear acceptable to flaunt extra,” notes Cam. “This album is our response to the world because it at present is: music for an ascetic age.

Greater than ever, this unearthly brew feels like nobody else however Spell – gnostic rock warriors transposing their darkish arts fearlessly and alchemically into the sunshine. “Music is magic, and Spell is a spell. Basically, it’s a discussion board to make our goals come true.

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