A needlessly deep dive into The Offspring’s cameo in cult horror movie Idle Arms


Idle Arms is a kind of horror films that, regardless of objectively not being good, is nice.

A teen bIack comedy, directed by Roger Corman protégé Rodman Flender (uncle of  Timothée Chalamet, trivia followers!), it follows Anton (Devon Sawa), a slacker whose hand turns into possessed and begins killing folks, even when he cuts it off. Assisted by the 2 mates he simply murdered (Seth Inexperienced and Elden Henson) and his bassist neighbour (Jessica Alba), he tries to cease his disembodied hand from killing much more folks. It’s… fairly foolish.

Close to the movie’s climax, which takes place at a Halloween dance at Anton’s faculty, comes one of many best rock band cameos of all time. Pop-punk arena-fillers The Offspring play on the dance, first performing I Wanna Be Sedated, then Beheaded, then get brutally murdered, with the highest of frontman Dexter Holland’s head being ripped clear off. This too, granted, is fairly foolish, nevertheless it’s additionally lots of enjoyable.

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